Come to us and feel great

Erotic massages are mostly visited by men. But it doesn’t matter, we will massage anyone who wants. In recent years we can say that women visit us too, because they understand there is no reason to be ashamed for fact that you want to know what your body can feel and how you can be satisfied without sex. Ladies massage is type of the massage when you masseuse will massage your intimate parts too, and at the end it will probably and with your orgasm.

lávové kameny

Erotic massage is not only about orgasm. It should teach you how your body reacts to some touches, and what your body really needs, because even if you are in a relationship, your sexual life maybe isn’t okay. Our masseuse will teach you what to do with your body to be satisfied. And also, erotic massage will increase your libido, so your partner may be glad you visited us.

Choose your masseuse
Because we want all of our customers to be fully satisfied – our service included – you can choose your masseuse online. You can see their pictures so you can have the one you want. Masseuse can work naked or in a lingerie, it depends on your choose.

If your sexual life is getting worse, you can have intimate massage with your partner. When you will look how he or she is massaged by our masseuse at hers or his intimate parts and you will see how your partner is reacting, it can really help you in you sexual life. Because this couple experience is hot, it can help you save your relationship.

masážní pomůcky

Ladies, don’t be worry and come to our massage parlor. You will see that you will be relaxed, you will feel special and you will remember our masseuse’s hands forever. We offer you a new experience that you will never forget. And if you will be satisfied, you can became our regular customer. You can try to be massaged from 60 minutes higher, if you will hold on until the end of it.